Bolek Polívka Theatre and Kino Scala To Close In September As Further Structural Defects Found

Kino Scala is still looking for replacement premises due to the renovation. Credit: Brno City Municipality.

Brno, Aug 17 (BD) – The ongoing structural and technical survey of the building on Jakubské and Moravské náměstí housing Kino Scala and the Bolek Polivka Theatre has found evidence of further, previously unknown defects, meaning that both institutions will have to close. 

The newly detected structural faults are in the supporting columns at the ceiling level above Kino Scala, which is operated by Masaryk University. According to information passed to the city authorities yesterday by the structural engineers carrying out the survey, the faults are sufficiently serious that neither property can continue to be used.

Due to previously detected faults, the supporting structures of the building were secured with metal braces at the end of July. The current structural-technical survey was due to publish its results at the end of September. Based on this, a decision was to be made whether and under what conditions it would be possible to extend the operation of the Scala and the Bolek Polívka Theatre by a further few months. However, according to the Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková, it is already clear that the building is severely structurally unsafe.

“Unfortunately, the currently detected significant corrosion of the main reinforcement of the building’s columns, together with the previously detected defects, have already led the structural engineer to the unequivocal conclusion that the structure does not meet the requirements for mechanical resistance and stability and that the building cannot continue to be used operationally,” said Vaňková, adding that the rector of Masaryk University and the management of the theatre have already been informed.

Karin Podivinská, Deputy Mayor for property management, added that that the first part of the survey will be completed by the end of September. After that, both institutions will have to vacate the premises. The structural study will be completed in January and February. 

The City of Brno is also continuing the renovation of the Břetislav Bakala hall in the White House, which will provide a new home for the Bolek Polívka Theatre. The tender for the renovation and the supply of theatre technology is expected to be issued in September, and could be completed in the spring of next year. Meanwhile, the university and city authorities are still looking for replacement premises for Scala.

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