Opera at Spilberk Castle. Credit: NdB

Brno National Theatre Will Host A Rich Summer Programme of Ballet and Opera

Although the theatre season is coming to an end, the Brno National Theatre (NdB) is planning a rich summer programme of opera and ballet, starting on 1 July with the world-famous opera Carmen. Spectators can also look forward to an opera at Špilberk, or a ballet performance in Biskupský dvůr.

Then on 3 July, NdB will host a family-friendly birthday party on the piazzetta in front of the Janáček Theatre, to celebrate the 170th birthday of the theatre’s namesake, Leoš Janáček. The free event will include an all-day program, concerts, an insight into the secrets of the opera ‘Jeji pastorkyně’ with demonstrations, comfortable sunbeds, and cocktails. The end of the celebration will be a projection of a production of ‘Jeji pastorkyně’ from the Royal Opera House in London.

Summer ballet and opera

Janáček’s summer opera season will begin at Špilberk Castle on 1 July with ‘Carmen’, starring Jana Hrochová in the title role, Aleš Briscein as Don José, and Roman Hoza as Escamillo.

Star-crossed lovers: Romeo and Juliet will fall in love again on 17, 18 and 19 July. Credit: NdB

NdB Ballet will present a specially adapted open-air version of Shakespeare’s most famous love story, Romeo and Juliet, for three evenings (17, 18, 19 July). Directed by Martin Glaser, this version will feature neoclassical choreography by Mário Radačovský, to the immortal music of Sergei Prokofiev. The contrast of the hatred between the Capulets and Montagues and the pure love of Romeo and Juliet will play out in the magical atmosphere of Biskupský dvůr, in the shadow of Petrov Cathedral.

The ballet cocktail (‘Baletní koktejl’) on 20 and 21 August will offer a selection of classic pas de deux, as seen at prestigious gala evenings, as well as modern choreography, including ‘Gnawa’, by one of the world’s most prominent contemporary choreographers, Nacho Duato. The choreography of Gnawa was seen some years ago as part of the ‘Four Elements’ evening at the Mahen Theater. Now this spirited piece, inspired by Moroccan folklore, will be performed under the night sky. The junior dancers of NdB Ballet will also participate in the evening, with the premiere of ‘Distant Instant’ by the Spanish choreographer Caroline Isach.

The summer ballet programme will take place in the romantic setting of Biskupský dvůr. Credit: NdB

At the end of the summer holidays, it will again be the turn of opera, with a comic production of ‘Prodaná vésta’ (‘The Bartered Bride’) by Bedřich Smetana on 30 August, with Pavla Vykopalová as Marenko, Peter Berger in the role of Jeník and Jiří Sulženko as the village matchmaker Kecal. On 31 August, the summer programme will end with the famous ‘La traviata’, featuring Veronika Rovna (Violetta), Peter Berger (Alfréd Germont) and guest star Aleš Jenis (Giorgio Germont).

Summer Opera on Špilberk

Carmen: 1 July from 8 pm

The Bartered Bride: 30 August from 7 pm

La Traviata: 31 August from 7 pm

Ballet at Biskupský dvůr (always from 8.15 pm)

Romeo and Juliet: 17, 18, 19 July

Ballet cocktail: 20, 21 July

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