Weather Report: A Chilly New Year with Cloudy Skies and Fog

The weather forecast in the Czech Republic this week may put a dampener on the New Year’s Eve spirit. While the weather on Tuesday was favourable, the rest of the week will bring occasional rain, fog, cloudy skies and possible snow. Photo credit: KB / BD.

Czech Rep., Dec 30 (BD) – According to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI), this week the Czech Republic will see cloudy weather and overcast skies, together with fog and occasional freezing rain. Temperatures this week should be chilly, dropping below zero at night.

On Wednesday morning, freezing temperatures and fog may be accompanied by occasional rain, particularly in the east, with snowfall in areas above 800m. During the day, temperatures will range between 2 and 6°C, with colder temperatures in the Karlovy Vary region and mountainous areas. Temperatures at night will be between 0 and -5°C with snow or freezing precipitation.

The weather forecast for Thursday is cloudy to overcast, or partly cloudy in some places. There will be occasional showers, mostly snow and occasionally freezing foggy conditions, with temperatures in the day ranging between 0 and 4°C. Over New Year’s Eve, fog is expected to form in the evening and during the night, with low temperatures of between -1 and -5°C.

The forecast for Friday, the first day of the new year, is cloudy to overcast skies with occasional snow showers and freezing fog in the night and morning. Temperatures in the day will be from -1 to +3°C, dropping to between -2 and -6°C at night.

The weekend will see similarly cloudy and cold weather. On Saturday, skies will be cloudy to overcast with occasional snow in the east and freezing precipitation. Rain is predicted in areas below 800m, and temperatures will range from -1 to +3°C during the day, and from -1 to -5°C at night. In eastern Moravia, ice may form at night and in the morning.

On Sunday, the skies will be mostly cloudy with occasional rain or sleet, and snow in areas above 400m. Temperatures in the day range from 0 to 4°C, and at night the lowest temperatures will be from +3 to -2°C.

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