Moravské Náměstí Ice Rink Surges In Popularity, Attracting Record Number of Visitors

In December, over 10,000 ice skaters enjoyed the rink at Moravské Náměstí, breaking the previous monthly record held by the former ice rink next to the statue of Jošt on a horse. This high level of interest continued into the new year, and the rink will continue operating into February.

Moravské náměstí’s ice rink is the only open-air skating option in the centre of Brno. Operational since last December, it is situated by the water feature in the newly reconstructed park, contributing to its widespread appeal among the public.

In December alone, 12,172 individuals took to the ice. This figure surpasses the previous record of 10,161 visitors set in 2018 by the former ice rink near the statue of Margrave Jošt.

The ice rink, covering approximately 800 square metres, can accommodate over 100 skaters simultaneously. Complete amenities and services, including skate and sports equipment rentals, changing rooms, lockers, and refreshment stands, are available. The entrance fee for adults is 100 crowns.

Full operations are anticipated to continue throughout January and February. However, access to the rink for the public depends on weather conditions, despite the presence of advanced technological equipment.

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