Czech Presidential Candidates Mostly Supportive of European Green Deal

However, some added that European institutions should take into account other aspects of the current economic situation when implementing the measures included in the plan.Photo credit: Freepik.

Prague, Oct 9 (CTK) – Czech presidential candidates mostly agree with the principles of the European Green Deal, but some say European institutions should take into account other aspects of the current economic situation, according to a survey carried out by CTK.

The former head of the Energy Regulation Office, Alena Vitaskova, strongly opposes the Green Deal, labelling it “green terror.”

“Without deeper knowledge and analysis, nonsense laws and regulations were approved in Brussels and the Czech Republic accepted them almost without reservations,” said Vitaskova. She added that the energy crisis was fuelling the inflationary spiral and that Europe is now producing energy from everything that burns. “Impacts on the environment have stopped being talked about,” she said, adding that this ran counter to the Green Deal, which costs billions of euros.

Entrepreneur Karel Janecek agrees with the idea of ​​the transition to green, renewable sources of energy. He said the need to change our thinking in energy production was underlined by the issues raised by the war in Ukraine. He said he shared the view that a complex and well-considered vision coordinated across Europe is needed.

Senator Marek Hilser said the Green Deal will help reduce the impact of climate change and help cut off energy reliance on non-democratic regimes. He said the new European funds that come as part of the Green Deal are an opportunity for innovation and technological progress. Hilser believes the Green Deal could make Czech industry more competitive, as it introduces standards for imports from other parts of the world.

Former Mendel University rector Danuse Nerudova likes the principles of the Green Deal. She said that climate change is already having a major impact on our landscape, mentioning drought, a lack of drinking water, and the bark-beetle calamity. She said the Green Deal is an opportunity for environmentally friendly innovations that will help both people and companies. “But this opportunity must be used also with regards to the current security and economic situation,” Nerudova added.

Senator Pavel Fischer said mankind would slowly suffocate without a coordinated effort to reduce greenhouse gases. He mentioned the circular economy, preference towards products from local farmers, protection of biodiversity, and energy deliveries from environment-friendly sources as key principles.

General Petr Pavel also agrees with the principles of the Green Deal. “Although there is war and we have problems, the dramatic situation concerning the environment has not disappeared,” he told CTK. If the Czech Republic wants to maintain the quality of life people are used to, it must move towards sustainability and climate neutrality, Pavel said.

“However, we should reassess the ways to achieve the set goals, as well as the set time horizon,” said Pavel, referring to the security situation.

“The Czech Republic is part of the Green Deal,” said trade union leader Josef Stredula. “The government must do its utmost to manage the transformation of the Czech economy. It will be expensive, but it can be managed.” Stredula added that the impact of the conflict in Ukraine needs to be reflected.

CTK addressed the presidential candidates who have confirmed their interest in running in the direct presidential election next January and have received support from at least 3% of voters in major opinion polls.

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