“Ours”: A Conversational Play On Intergenerational Attitudes Towards The Climate Crisis 

The new play “Ours” (“Naší”) was created especially for HaDivadlo and its 45th season dedicated to the climate crisis, entitled “Resources”. It is focused on a discussion after lunch between three generations. The mother – a teacher and a former dissident, her daughter and her husband – both of whom work in the installation of solar panels, and the younger daughter – a climate protester. The play deals with the different opinions and attitudes between generations. Photo credit: Káťa Opuntia

Brno, 1 May (BD) – The theatrical piece “Ours: A Conversation Study on the Climate Crisis” was created for HaDivadlo and its 45th season dedicated to the climate crisis, entitled “Resources”. The intention was to try to see the problem of the climate crisis in a more complex way and to take it out of the realm of scientific graphs and into conversations between people with the situation of a family discussion after Sunday lunch.

The selection of the interviewed “speakers” was preceded by the selection of authors who represent a range of approaches to the environmental activism agenda, similar to the “interviewed” speakers and then the depicted characters. The selection of the “spokespeople” was based on conversations between the authors over what type of discussion would be most beneficial to the situation of the climate crisis debate of the 2020s and the HaDivadlo audience. They then decided to follow a range of opinions and attitudes from different generations and social classes that in principle accept the existence of the climate crisis. 

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“The aim was to personify the abstract views and look for the concrete people behind them interacting in a family environment. The family thus served as a metaphor for humanity, in which we also inhabit one home – our planet.” Photo credit: Káťa Opuntia

This play raises many questions, such as what defines a hysterical reaction, and who determines the boundaries of what a “healthy” reaction is? Or if it is at all possible to make changes in society in a “civilised” way? Confronting hysteria versus passivity. The authors see it as a study of dialogue with the awakening of collective consciousness. 

The performance is English-friendly, with subtitles for non-Czech speaking audiences. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

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