Register For Free Entry In The Sports Venues Of The City Of Brno During The Sports Days.

The Brno City Council agreed that the city company STAREZ – SPORT will not require admission to their sports venues during the Brno Sports Days, to take place from December 27th-29th. This will apply at more than 10 sports facilities some STAREZ-SPORT and some of them are part of the event but are not owned/operated by the city. Credit: STAREZ-SPORT

Brno, Dec 15 (BD) –Many sports venues have prepared special events, such as paddleboarding in the Lužáne swimming stadium, or aqua zorbing in the Kohoutovice Aquapark. The aim of the event is to attract more people to sports and give children the opportunity to exercise, which is why councillors approved free entry to these venues. However, many of them require registration in advance, which visitors can do here .

A waterslide at Kohoutovice Aquapark. Credit: STAREZ-SPORT

“Sports days in our city have a long tradition and I was sad that they did not take place last year,” said the 1st Deputy Mayor of Brno, Petr Hladík (KDU-CSL). “It is a great opportunity to spend free time at Christmas in a fun and useful way, especially for children. Therefore, I hope that everything will turn out well this year, and that the other sports venues we will contact will be added to this event. The event takes place this year from Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th December, and you can register on the website.” 

Some of the free sports venues are: the Rašínova Spa and Relaxation Center, Lužánky Municipal Swimming Stadium, the Kohoutovice Aquapark, Ponávka swimming pool and the ice rinks on Vodova and behind Lužánky.

The Brno Sports Days 2021 will be held in accordance with current government measures, and provided that the sports facilities are allowed to open to the public during this period.

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