City of Brno Opens Subsidy Program To Fund Green Roofs To Reduce Emissions

The City of Brno is calling on citizens to participate in the fight against climate change by applying for the municipal subsidy program for green roofs, to which CZK 19 million has been allocated for this year. A green roof will be created on the municipal property at Kounicova 67 as part of the scheme. Photo Credit: MMB.

Brno, Apr 12 (BD) – The City of Brno Department of the Environment (OŽP) is again offering citizens and businesses financial support to create green roofs on their buildings, to reduce emissions and fight climate change. In the last two years, 204 applications for subsidies were successfully submitted under this program. In this year’s call, open from February 1st until October 31st, OŽP has so far received three complete applications. For 2021, the city has set aside CZK 19 million for these subsidies.

After successfully receiving approval for financial assistance, applicants will have 18 months to complete their green roof, before submitting a final report and related financial documents so the subsidy can be calculated. Finished projects are therefore being evaluated and approved continuously. Last Wednesday, councillors recommended that the assembly approve subsidies for a further eight projects. According to Deputy Mayor Petr Hladík (KDU-CSL), these projects include family homes, a garage and an industrial park.

This year, the council will also participate in the green roofs concept by creating an extensive green roof on top of its building at Kounicova 67. During preparatory inspection, it was found that the technical condition of the waterproof foil on the roof is damaged, so the project includes the installation of a waterproof layer and the planting of arid plants, especially stonecrops and grasses. Brno city councillors therefore recommended that the city assembly approve CZK 180,000 from the city budget for this renovation work.

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