This Year’s MotoGP Will Go Ahead Without Spectators

This year’s MotoGP will go ahead in August, but the organizers have decided against admitting spectators to the circuit. Ticket holders will be able to use their tickets for next year’s GP, which is already secured to take place in Brno, or request a refund. Photo credit: M. Schmerkova via MMB.

Brno, Jul 4 (BD) – The MotoGP returns to Brno’s Masaryk Circuit from August 7th-9th this year, but yesterday the organizers announced that unfortunately it will not be possible for spectators to attend, due to security and health reasons related to the pandemic. Tickets that have already been purchased will remain valid for next year.

Despite the loosening of restrictions on large public events, representatives of the Association for the GP of the Czech Republic Brno have agreed with promoter Dorna Sports that the Czech race should be held without a public audience, because of the health risks.

The decision comes after months of negotiating and discussions between the two parties to find a satisfactory solution that would have as little negative impact as possible on participants and stakeholders (including spectators).

“Our goal was to negotiate conditions that would make sense to all parties involved. We definitely didn’t want to deprive fans of a unique experience,” said the Governor of the South Moravian Region, Bohumil Šimek (ANO). The conditions for hosting the GP next year were already agreed with the promoter of the championship, allowing spectators who have already purchased tickets for this year’s event to use them next year. Fans who have tickets to the 2020 event will also have an advantage, as it will no longer be possible to buy cheap tickets in advance for the 2021 GP.

“Although the negotiations took a long time, we can be satisfied with the result. The agreement we have reached will ensure that fans do not miss their experience, while at the same time allowing tourism to give the economy a boost in 2021. Thanks to the patience of the loyal MotoGP fans in Brno, we believe that most of them will use the opportunity to keep this year’s tickets for 2021,” said Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková (ODS).

The Association will also allow refunds for the tickets. “Although we are convinced that the maximum number of MotoGP fans will keep their tickets for the next year, fans are of course fully entitled to a refund for the tickets,” said director of TIC BRNO Jana Janulíková. A refund can be requested on

The Grand Prix of the Czech Republic is one of the largest social and sports events held in the Czech Republic. It attracts tens of thousands of local and foreign visitors every year. In 2019, only 15 countries around the world had the chance to host a MotoGP in their territory.

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