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Tuesday Coronavirus Updates: At A Glance

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Brno, Mar 3 (BD) [updated 14:00] – Brno city authorities have announced that they are not at present recommending the cancellation of large public events such as balls, conferences, or fairs. The restriction of such events has been implemented in several countries affected by coronavirus outbreaks, including France, Italy, and China.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Czech Republic has increased to five. On Monday there were several announcements of precautionary measures taken by various companies and organisations.

  • A US citizen who tested positive for the coronavirus had previously been in Brno from Friday to Saturday, according to a spokeswoman from the South Moravian Regional Authority. The Regional Security Council is dealing with the case.
  • Flights between South Korea and the Czech Republic will be cancelled from Tuesday, as well as flights to and from affected areas of Italy, namely Milan, Venice and Bologna. According to Brno Tuřany Airport, the Brno-Bergamo connection will be suspended for at least 14 days from Thursday, March 5.
  • Regiojet have announced that their routes connecting the Czech Republic and Italy will be suspended from the end of this week. Buses will continue until then to allow people to leave the country. The affected routes are the Prague-Brno-Venice-Rome and the Prague-Milan routes, in both directions.
  • The Brno University Hospital in Bohunice has issued citizens’ advice regarding coronavirus, including detection, symptoms, and treatment. According to the advice (in Czech), you can be considered to be at risk of coronavirus if both a) you are exhibiting the symptoms (fever, coughing, shortness of breath) AND b) you have recently travelled to an area with a wide outbreak of the disease, or come into contact with someone affected. If you meet both of these criteria, you should contact your GP or the regional health office at 606 039 515. Though there is no specific treatment for the virus, those affected may use regular medication to help alleviate secondary symptoms. Other than that, normal prevention advice for seasonal flu should be followed:
    • Avoid people who are obviously ill
    • Follow basic hygiene rules, especially washing of hands
    • Avoid very crowded places where possible
    • Individuals already suffering from some kind of respiratory condition should use tissues or arms/elbows when sneezing and coughing, NOT hands.
  • Mendel University has instructed its students to stay at home until March 15th. A number of universities in Prague have taken similar measures.
  • The Biathlon World Cup event in Nové Město at the weekend will take place without spectators due to the risk of infection.

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