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DPMB Switches To Holiday Timetables From Saturday; Summer Closures Planned In Bystrc

With the start of the summer holidays, Brno Transport Company (DPMB) will move its timetables to a summer regime from this Saturday, 29 June. Multiple summer construction works are planned, the most significant being the modernisation of the tram line to Bystrc, which will affect routes throughout the summer.

Summer timetables

From Saturday, 29 June to Saturday, 31 August, public transport services on all lines will follow holiday timetables, and school bus routes will not operate. On Friday 5 and Saturday 6 July 2024, the operation of all public transport lines will follow the Saturday timetable.

Modernization of the tram line in Bystrc

At the end of June, DPMB will start work on the modernization of the tram line on Obvodová in Bystrc, between Zoologická zahrada and the Rakovecká loop. The track was installed in 1983 and is in poor and deteriorating technical condition. 

Trams to Bystrc will therefore not run in Brno during the summer holidays. Instead, residents will travel to and from one of Brno’s largest housing estates by bus, said Hana Tomaštíková, a spokeswoman for DPMB.

“The modernization of the 1,330-metre two-track section will involve the replacement of the track top, the establishment of a new catenary line, and another anti-noise wall. Zoologická zahrada and Přístaviště stops will also be adapted for wheelchair users,” said Miloš Havránek, general director of DPMB.

The main work will take place in July and August. The closure of the tram route to Bystrc will end on 31 August, though the remaining works, which will no longer affect public transport operations, will continue until October.

The cost of the modernization project will be CZK 143 million, assisted by European funds, specifically the Operational Program Transport (OPT).

Traffic measures

  • Tram line 1 will be in operation only in the section Řečkovice – Vozovna Komín
  • Tram line 3 will terminate at Kamenolom, where a temporary dead end will be established
  • Tram line 10 will terminate on all connections at Vozovna Komín stop
  • Bus line 52 will be in operation only in the sections Mendlovo náměstí – Žebětín, and in Žebětín on a circular route through the Ríšova and Bartolomějská loops and back towards Mendlovo náměstí
  • Bus line 54 will primarily provide substitute transport for trams, and will operate along the route Vozovna Komín – Svratecká – Kamenolom (Bystrc direction only) – ZOO – Přístaviště – Rakovecká – Ečerova – Kamechy. Selected routes will go via Křivánkovo ​​náměstí to Bartolomějska
  • Regional bus line 302 will terminate at Kamenolom, for direct connection to tram line 3

Part-closure of Sokolova

Due to the reconstruction of the road surface on Sokolova and the roundabout at the intersection of Sokolova and Kšírova in Horní Heršpice, there will be traffic restrictions in the area from 1 July until 12 July.

Bus lines 49, 50, E50 and N94 will only travel in the direction from Komárov to Horní Heršpice, rerouting through Hněvkovského and Sokolova. In this direction, they will miss the Kšírova stop. Depending on the progress of the work in the individual stages, lines 49 and N94 in the Horní Heršpice area will be diverted either bi-directionally or unidirectionally through the surrounding streets (e.g. via Bednářova and K Terminálu).

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