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Brno’s Sea On Moravske Namesti Returns For The Summer

Yesterday, the Brno-střed municipality reactivated the fountain in Moravské náměstí, known as the “Brno sea” in the warmer season, filling its basin with water. The fountain’s capacity is up to 40 cubic metres of water.

The fountain was activated a month earlier than usual this year: “We usually fill the fountain on Moravské náměstí only in May,” explained Vojtěch Mencl (ODS), mayor of the Brno-střed district. “This year, we started it already in April because the weather allowed it, and we were also complying with the wishes of the public.” 

The fountain is versatile, and can be programmed according to the air temperature, or to create a water lake. It has a number of larger and smaller nozzles, and can create water mist for refreshment on steamy days. “In the evening, thanks to the illumination of the surface, it creates a beautiful atmosphere,” said Mencl.

Credit: Brno-střed

Before filling the basin – which took little more than half an hour – necessary maintenance work was carried out, starting with the cleaning of surfaces through water jets. Workers also carried out maintenance in the park area nearby, mowing the lawn, planting new trees and taking care of the furniture, including the circular bench around the fountain.

The “Brno Sea” is expected to be operational until Autumn, as usual, when the fountain will become a Christmas market attraction in the form of an ice rink for skating.

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