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Brno Celebrates The 11th Annual International Day of Silly Walks This Sunday 

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This Sunday, 7 January, will see the 10th annual ‘Silly Walk’ march, organised by the Brno Ministry of Silly Walks, and inspired by the classic sketch from the British comedy group Monty Python. 

The silly walkers will meet at 1:45pm at the statue of justice on Moravské náměstí, in front of the Supreme Administrative Court. The march through the city centre begins at 2pm, across Česká to Náměstí Svobody, where a group photo will be taken at the Plague Column. After a short break, the surviving walkers will head across Masarykova through the Old Town Hall to Starobrněnská, with the final goal of the obelisk in Denisovy Sady, where the march will end ceremonially. 

The event is followed by a meeting in a pub with the organisers, Adam Jandora, Deputy Minister of the Left Leg Department of the Ministry of Silly Walks, and Dan Mašek, Secretary of the Government Committee for Improving the Walking of the Nation.

“The Ministry of Silly Walks is in dire financial straits,” they explain. “We no longer receive any contributions from the state budget for joint replacements, and because of this, we are losing employees due to health reasons. We need to organise silly walk marches to raise public awareness of this issue. Otherwise, in the worst case, it could even happen that humanity will just walk normally. And the Ministry of Silly Walks can’t allow that!”

AC for Brno Daily, 2019.

They are expecting around 200-300 participants, as in the last edition before the Covid pandemic. Wearing a suit with a bowler hat and a briefcase is encouraged, but not required. Participants are free to find a silly walk that works for them!

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