Where Can You Find The Best Gifts In Brno’s Christmas Markets?

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TIC BRNO offers original gifts with the stamp of Brno and quality, mostly created in cooperation with local creators. Credit: Michal Růžička for TIC BRNO.

Brno, Dec 15 (BD) – Brno’s Christmas markets are not only about great entertainment and excellent gastronomy, but also about Christmas gifts. You can buy them at the sales stands on the squares, including the one called Dárky z Brno (“Gifts from Brno”), or in the warmth of the TIC BRNO infocentres and on its e-shop.

In the squares you will find popular assortments such as candles, ornaments, cookie cutters, designer fashion, bell making, soaps and bath salts, bee products, scarves and gloves and much more, all high quality and from Czech manufacturers. If you shop at the stand next to Jošt, your purchases will support non-profit organisations that donate what you spend to help those in need.

Credit: Tomáš Hájek for TIC BRNO.

TIC BRNO offers original gifts with the stamp of Brno and quality, mostly created in cooperation with local creators. The current Christmas collection in the visual style of Brno Christmas 2023 presents Vendula Pucharová Kramářová’s unmistakable playful “fairytale-folkloric” style on menthols, chocolates, pancakes, key rings, tins and canvas bags.

Brno Christmas 2023 also sees the launch of the ‘Bruna’ collection (Latin for ‘Brno’). This  exclusive collection includes mugs designed by Jiří Hlušička and manufactured by the Goldfinger porcelain factory, and glasses that look like mugs by the glassmaker Oto Svoboda from the Glassfictions studio.

Credit: Nikola Pracná for TIC BRNO.

Also this year, special balls were made for the Brno Astronomical Clock, which glow in the dark due to fluorescent pigment. With TIC BRNO, Anna Vodrážková is launching candles in the shape of three Brno icons: the black astronomical clock from Svoboďák, the white pavilion A of the Brno Exhibition Center and the iconic tree stump that burned on 21 August 2012 in Kohoutovice, and the whole of Brno knew about it. You can also buy flasks from Brno, handmade by Tamasvigh for TIC BRNO.

Other great gifts include a t-shirt with a heart in Brno colours by Tim, a Janáček box with pictures by Vendula Chalánková, a mug with Brno squares by Petr Kvíčala, and a Mendel notebook with pencil drawings of pea plants by Kamila Rokytová. TIC BRNO also recommends the candlesticks in the shape of miniatures of Brno’s architectural icons from the Goldfinger manufactory, or the #ZBRNA, SU Z BRNA and #PŘIPRAVBRNO collections, the proceeds of which go to supporting Brno’s greenery.
If you would rather just eat, drink, and have fun with your friends at the markets, it’s possible to shop in the comfort of your home at the TIC BRNO e-shop. There you will find the whole range of products listed above and other products and collections from local producers, artists and designers, as well as lots of beautiful and interesting books and the hit of last Christmas – Hru o Brno!

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