Young Asia lady nurse giving Covid-19 or flu antivirus vaccine shot to senior male patient wear face mask protection from virus disease at health clinic or hospital office. Vaccination concept.

Health Minister Valek Recommends Autumn Vaccination Against COVID

The latest vaccine is adapted to the latest variants of the virus, and will be free for anyone who wants it. Credit: Freepik.

Prague, Sept 11 (CTK) – Those who are at higher risk of infection, such as the elderly, chronically ill or those with weakened immunity, should seek vaccination against COVID-19 and flu this autumn, Czech Health Minister Vlastimil Valek told a press conference today on the epidemiological situation.

The latest vaccine is adapted to the latest variants of the virus, and will be free for anyone who wants it, said Valek (TOP 09).

Deputy Minister Josef Pavlovic (Pirates) added that the vaccines have been arriving gradually since this week. In most cases, people should be vaccinated by their general practitioner.

“We are seeing some increase in the number of those infected, but there is no significant increase in the number of those hospitalised with COVID,” said Valek.

According to the ministry’s data, nearly 900 people tested positive for COVID in the past week, with the number of cases increasing steadily since July.

Chief public health officer Pavla Svrcinova said the number of positive tests has increased by about 8% year-on-year. “This could be expected as we have returned from holidays, autumn has started and collectives are forming again,” she explained.

Both Valek and Svrcinova confirmed that no anti-epidemic measures or reintroduction of isolation and quarantine for the infected are planned. “The system is set, no further changes, no further measures are planned. And we do not believe that there is any need to plan them,” the minister said.

Svrcinova also said that the isolation of an infected person would still be at the discretion of the attending physician or health station.

Valek confirmed that vaccines will continue to be free for all those who want them. According to Roman Chlibek, chairman of the Czech Vaccinological Society, medical workers or people who share a household with people at risk should also think about vaccination.

“Regardless of the number of previous doses, it is advisable to get vaccinated with one dose of the adapted vaccine, which should reflect the new strains,” he said.

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