11 New Areas To Be Integrated Into Brno’s Parking System This Year

The “blue line” parking system makes it easier for residents to find a parking spot near their homes. Photo credit: Brno City Municipality.

Brno, 9 Feb (BD) – Brno City Council has given final approval for 11 areas to be newly integrated into Brno’s residential parking system this year. At the same time, councillors approved the schedule for next year, which will see the system extended to parts of Žabovřesky, Brno-sever, Novy Lískovec and Židenice.

The “blue line” parking system makes it easier for residents to find a parking spot near their homes. It also regulates long-term parking and thus increases the turnover rate in busy locations near institutions and public authorities, post offices and shops, increasing the likelihood for everyone to find a free parking place.

The first new district to see the arrival of blue lines this year will be Červený Kopec (1-22) on 17 April. The full schedule for 2023 is:

  • 17 April: area 1-22 (Červený Kopec)
  • 9 May: area 1-23 (Polní)
  • 5 June: area 1-24 (Jílová)
  • 7 August: area 3-15 (Cimburkova)
  • 14 August: area 1-17 (Lerchova) and part of area 5-07 (Viniční)
  • 4 September: area 1-18 (Rezkova)
  • 18 September: area 1-19 (Neumannova)
  • 9 October: area 1-20 (Žlutý Kopec)
  • 16 October: area 1-26 (Pšeník)
  • 30 October: area 1-27 (Dvorského)
  • 6 November: second part of area 5-07 (Viniční)

All of these areas will fall into zone C, meaning parking restrictions will apply only on working days from 5pm to 6am. During this time, visitors will pay 20 crowns per hour for parking. There are no parking machines in zone C, so tickets must be paid via the Park Simply application, via SMS, or via an online parking machine. Parking is possible without restriction during the day and at weekends. Residents and commuters can arrange permits two months before the expansion into each area.

Source: parkovanivbrne.cz.

The expansion schedule of paid parking areas for 2024 was also approved by Brno councillors this week, and will include Vychodilova in Žabovřesky, Soběšická in the Brno-sever district, Rybnická and Oblá in Novy Lískovec, and Slevačská, Rokycanova, Koperníkova and Strakatého in Židenice. This work will be carried out between April and November 2024. 

For more information on the residential parking system, and how it works, see the website.

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