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Mendel University Hosts University-Wide Open Day For Students

The new Brewing and Malting bachelor’s degree program opens to applicants for the first time this month. Photo credit: MENDELU. 

Brno, 3 Feb (BD) – Today, Mendel University is hosting for the first time a university-wide open day, where all faculties and departments will be open to prospective students, at both the Brno and Lednice campuses. Each faculty has prepared a program in which applicants will learn about the study programs offered, and they can also tour some lesser-known sites of the university. This includes the Faculty of Agriculture’s new Brewing and Malting bachelor’s degree program, which opens to applicants for the first time this month. Visitors will be able to visit the university’s microbrewery and malt house, located directly on the Brno campus.

 The central location of the open day is the ground floor of the Q building on the Brno campus, where prospective students can learn basic practical information about entrance exams and the focus of individual programs. Each department’s student ambassadors will be available to answer questions.

“Current students can better answer applicants’ frequent questions regarding the difficulty of studying or student life in general, because their experience is still fresh in their minds,” said Jiří Skládanka, vice-rector for internationalisation and external relations. “The smaller age gap also plays a positive role in this regard, thanks to which the students are not afraid to approach their peers.” 

The Faculty of Agriculture will showcase its study programs, including the new Brewing and Malting Program, the field’s first professionally oriented study program. The course offers students 12 weeks of practical training practice period, and less theoretical input than other courses, allowing students to focus entirely on the production area. “The study program’s purpose is to maintain the high professional reputation of this traditional guild in the Czech Republic,” noted program guarantor Tomás Gregor.

Individual faculties have created experience programs for interested students in a wide range of sites on campus. They will be able to try out virtual glasses, a harvester simulator (a machine that harvests wood), a smart chest belt that checks physical activity metrics, 3D printers, and lasers, among other things. In addition, visitors will be able to take a test to determine their study type and optimum learning technique. In Lednice, it will be possible to enter greenhouses, themed gardens, and the studios of florists or landscape architects. Unusually, participants in the Open Day will have access to the Mendel Botanical Garden and Arboretum, an oasis of greenery and tranquility located in the centre of the city. Those who have reserved a spot in advance can join an excursion to the Krtiny School Forest Company. A bus will pick up the visitors directly at the campus.

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