18 South Moravian Small and Family Businesses Receive “Satisfied Customer” Awards

A total of 18 businesses were awarded in five categories. Photo credit: Freepik.

Brno, Oct. 12 (BD) – On 11 October 2022, the results of the 21st South Moravian Satisfied Customer Awards were announced at the South Moravian Regional Office in Brno. A total of 18 entrepreneurs were awarded in five categories: production and sale of food and beverages; production and sale of footwear, clothing, and textiles; catering, hospitality, accommodation and tourism; education, social care and health services; and professional services. The majority of those awarded were small or family businesses, and 67% of them employ fewer than 10 people.

The award ceremony was held under the auspices of the Governor of the South Moravian Region, Jan Grolich, and with the support of the South Moravian Region.

“Mainly small and family businesses succeeded this year,” said Grolich. “It is simply evident that customers can appreciate it when someone does their job honestly. I hope that the award will encourage not only them but also other entrepreneurs in these difficult times.” 

Viktor Vodička, the coordinator of the event, spoke on behalf of the South Moravian Region during the award ceremony. “We are glad that even in this difficult period for small entrepreneurs, we can draw the public’s attention to companies in the South Moravian Region that meet the high expectations of consumers,” he said. 

The Satisfied Customer Award is given by the Association of Czech Consumers (SČS), to businesses which provide products and services in accordance with high consumer expectations, taking into account their safety and quality, as well as innovation and the ever-increasing demands of consumers themselves.

Alongside consumers, representatives of local and business authorities, chambers of commerce, supervisory authorities, trade authorities, and other non-governmental organisations are involved in the evaluation and selection of the award-winning businesses. Proposals for the award are subject to a review by an evaluation committee, which was established in the South Moravian Region in 2001 and is chaired by the Deputy Governor for Regional Development, Jan Zámečník. Since the prize was established, 256 prizes have been awarded in the South Moravian Region.Further information on the award is available on the website here.

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