New Device In Use At Brno Cardiovascular Centre Allows More Complex and Efficient Heart Surgery

Brno’s CKTCH will update its hybrid operating room to add more modern equipment for cardiovascular patients. Credit: CKTCH

Brno, Sept. 12 (BD) – A new vascular connection line was recently put into service at the Brno Cardiovascular and Transplant Surgery Centre (CKTCH).

“We have been using the old line for 12 years, and it has slowly reached its maximum service life,” said Jiří Sikora, a cardiologist at the centre. “The heart of the room is now a mobile C-arm with the latest X-rays. Angiolinka—i.e., interconnected devices—can simultaneously compare real-time X-ray images with preoperative CT and intraoperative echocardiography. This provides cardiologists with comprehensive information about the heart being examined and improves the safety of the procedure.” 

The device will thus allow more complex individual procedures to be performed, typically in patients after heart valve replacement or implantation of an abdominal reinforcement device. This upgrade also includes a complete reconstruction of the hybrid operating room, which, combined with the more compact size of the new X-ray machine, greatly increases the surgeon’s comfort in the operating room. 

“We will renovate the floor and ceiling, install special air conditioning with laminar flow, as well as adapting new electrical and oxygen distribution systems, and we will have a new operating table,” said Petr Němec, the centre’s director. “We will be able to use a combination of the latest technology with high-quality imaging but with unparalleled low radiation, which is a major benefit for patients. In turn, doctors will see better images, the exams will take less time, and therefore the risks of the procedure are lower.”

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