5th Serial Killer Festival Brings Exclusive Previews of Major TV Series To Brno Screens

From 20 to 25 September, Brno will host the Serial Killer Festival, an international festival of TV serials and much more. Photo credit: TZ Serial Killer

Brno, 25 Sept. (BD) – Preparations are underway for the fifth edition of the international Serial Killer festival, featuring exclusive previews such as the Czech premiere of the new series of Lars von Trier’s cult series ‘The Kingdom of Exodus’, in cooperation with Aerofilms. There will also be TV films, webseries and several sought-after TV series. 

The festival will open on a humorous note with the premiere of Czech Television’s “Good Morning, Brno” (Dobré ráno, Brno), directed by Jan Prušinovský, who made his name with the popular series MOST! This time, the audience will be transported into the atmosphere of a morning programme.  “It started eight years ago with ‘The Fourth Star’ (Čtvrtou hvězdou), continued three years later with ‘The Dwarf’ (Trpaslíkem) and culminated with MOST! In the next series ‘Good Morning, Brno’ we are also on the edge of our seats and I am happy that we are not afraid to push the boundaries of humour again and, in this case, to joke at our own expense. I believe that the audience will laugh at the dialogue and the jokes will become human, just as they have in all previous series,” said Petr Dvořák, CEO of Czech Television.

The geographic section of the festival, Fokus, will also cover Northern Europe, with a varied selection from the European series superpower, Sweden, to be presented on the big screen in the Scala cinema and in the three-day TV Days programme for professionals. Representatives of Netflix and the BBC will be present, as well as leading Swedish personalities. 

Among the selected films there will be the miniseries ‘Community’, about a notorious Christian community in southern Sweden. Then on Thursday, in the presence of a delegation of filmmakers, ‘Life in the Suburbs’, a satirical comedy targeting the affluent life of the Swedish upper middle class, will be screened. 

Piodor Gustafsson, head of feature film production at TV4, Sweden’s largest commercial broadcaster, said: “We are very happy that Swedish filmmaking has become the central theme of this year’s Serial Killer. We share many opportunities and challenges with the Central European region and believe we can both inspire and be inspired by the unique meeting place for serial drama that Serial Killer has become after many years of hard work by the great team behind the festival.”

At the weekend, viewers will be able to catch the British series ‘The Responder’ starring Martin Freeman. Photo Credit:TZ Serial Killer

TV Days will also host a debate with the CEOs of the largest Czech and Slovak TV companies. “We are proud to welcome such a great selection of guests and speakers. I hope this is proof that the Serial Killer festival is on the right track for the future of television,” said festival director Kamila Zlatušková. 

The programme will also include Kyiy Media Week (KMW), an important festival for television media which was violently interrupted by the war. “Serial Killer thus continues the long-standing cooperation and, above all, the support it has tried to provide to Ukrainian filmmakers since the beginning of the war,” added Zlatušková.

“Since the launch of KMW in 2011, our mission has been to build strong bridges between Ukraine and the rest of the world,” says Kateryna Udut, CEO of KMW. “And now I am proud to see that we have done our job very well. After the Russian terrorist invasion, these links became vital for the Ukrainian audiovisual industry. The cooperation and friendship with the Serial Killer Festival is definitely one of them! I am very grateful to the festival organisers for their kind support and for giving KMW’22 the great opportunity to become an integral part of their official conference programme in Brno.”

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