Seč Former Quarry Closed For Mining and Declared A Natural Monument

The Moravian Karst will have a new tourist attraction. A nature trail will lead through the former Seč quarry near Rudice, which contains various types of interesting natural phenomena. Photo credit: 

Brno, July 13 (BD) – The forest education association Masaryk Forest Křtiny is currently adjusting the routes of marked trails in Seč, the former kaolin quarry near the village of Rudice, in cooperation with the Czech Tourist Club. The quarry was used to extract clay and sand from the mid-20th century until 1993. In addition, there was an approved quarrying area adjacent to the quarry, which was about twice the size of the quarry itself. After lengthy negotiations between the landowner (Mendel University), the municipality of Rudice, the Czech Mining Authority and the Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area Administration, it was agreed that the quarry would be officially closed for mining and declared as a natural monument area.

“By closing the quarrying area and not threatening its further expansion into the surrounding forests, the quarry could be declared a natural monument with restricted access,” said Tomáš Vrška, director of Masaryk Forest Křtiny, adding that it is necessary to respect the information and prohibition boards placed around the perimeter of the area.

“The objects of protection are the Lower Cretaceous sediments referred to as ore layers deposited in deep karst depressions, i.e. the so-called geological organ with findings of quartz geodes, fossils, Jurassic hornfels. Furthermore, there are communities of periodic pools and loose grasslands of sand with sporadic vegetation, for example with the fork-tailed plover,” Vrška added.

The quarry is located in a touristic area near the village of Rudice, known for the Rudice Sinkhole National Natural Monument. The Seč quarry and the village of Rudice are located in one of the most famous Czech protected landscape areas, the Moravian Karst.

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