Two New Book Booths At St. Anne’s Hospital, On The Principle of Collective Sharing

Two new book booths are intended to make visits to St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno more pleasant for patients and other visitors. These are public libraries that work on the principle of collective sharing – everyone can take a book to the booth and borrow or take home a new one. Photo credit:

Brno, July 10 (BD) – Visitors will find two booths on the premises of St. Anne’s University, one at the sitting area under the plane tree near the bistro, where they can also enjoy a coffee while reading, and the other in the courtyard in front of the entrance to the chapel.

“The idea was modelled on the municipalities and towns that have book booths. Our aim was to make the stay of patients and their loved ones in our hospital as pleasant as possible,” said Martin Kalmus, head of the operations department and the man behind the idea.

In the book booths, visitors can find dozens of titles, from fiction to poetry to children’s literature. “Books have naturally started to be brought into the newly installed booths by employees, but also by people who have just visited the hospital,” Kalmus said, adding that anyone who no longer wants a book and wants to give it another use can leave it in the booth.

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