SAKO Brno Begin Washing The City’s 57,000 Black Garbage Bins

The regular washing of the black garbage bins has just begun in Brno. From April to the end of October, most of the 57,000 mixed municipal waste and other bins will be cleaned. The service, which is not standard in the Czech Republic, has been running in Brno for more than ten years and is covered by the annual waste collection fee. Photo credit: SAKO Brno

Brno, April 29 (BD) – The washing of waste containers is carried out by two special waste and collection vehicles of SAKO Brno, equipped with washing equipment. The cleaning takes place during regular waste collection. The containers are emptied and sprayed under high pressure with hot water without detergents. At the same time, the bins are disinfected by cleaning. All dirty washing water is collected by the collection tanks of special vehicles. “This procedure does not pollute the streets, and does not burden the environment or the sewer network. We transport the used water to the premises of the Svoz Division, where SAKO Brno has built its own treatment plant,” explained Filip Leder, Chairman of the Board of SAKO Brno. The company recently purchased a new type of washing car that will make this service more efficient.

Both special vehicles have a high-pressure hose used for manual washing. SAKO Brno therefore plans to clean the separate containers for glass collection, so-called DUO bells, this year. “We have almost five hundred of them in Brno, and some of them, especially those under trees, certainly deserve some spring cleaning,” added Leder.

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