Two Contests To Promote Regional Food of The South Moravian Region Now Open For Applications

The 13th year of the regional food competition for the South Moravian Region and the 17th year of the ZLATÁ Taste of South Moravia 2022 competition are both starting now. Those interested can apply until midday on 14 June. Photo credit: JMK

Brno, April 21 (BD) – The aim of these traditional competitions is to support small and medium-sized companies in the region (with no more than 250 employees), and at the same time to promote regional food, not only among professionals, but among the general public. The evaluation committee will meet on 29 June, and the award ceremony will take place during the South Moravian Regional Harvest Festival, to be held on 28 August 2022 in Vyškov.

The competitions are announced annually by the South Moravian Regional Agrarian Chamber. The basic condition is that the products entered must be produced in South Moravia. They are judged on innovation, sensory qualities, materials used, raw materials, production methods, design and other factors such as the impact on consumer health or market availability.

The proportion of local raw materials must be at least 70%, while the main raw material must be 100% of domestic origin. The products must have a strong link to the region: they may be regional specialities, products that respect traditional production or, on the contrary, innovative products. The winning producers will be rewarded with strong media and marketing support and the opportunity to present and sell their award-winning products at selected events across the region.

The necessary forms can be downloaded via the link below. The completed application form is valid for both competitions, and only has to be filled in once. More information is available at and

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