Czech National Cyber Security Agency Warns of Cyber Attacks Connected To War In Ukraine

The Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NUKIB) issued a warning over the threat of cyber attacks and cyber espionage in the Czech Republic related to the armed conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Photo credit: Freepik

Czech Republic, April 20 (BD) – “DDoS attacks have taken place against a number of Czech websites. We are evaluating the situation and continue to monitor it. We do not currently note any serious impact,” said NUKIB today.

NUKIB evaluates this threat as “critical”, meaning that the threat is very probable to almost certain. 

“We are issuing this warning for precautionary reasons, because the threat has risen above normal in light of the current situation. The basis for this is our own knowledge and also from the activities of our partners. The information we have at our disposal leads to a reasonable fear of the real threat of cyber espionage and cyber attacks on important targets in the Czech Republic, especially strategic public administration institutions, elements of our critical information infrastructure, information systems of vital services and media,” said NÚKIB director Karel Řehka.

In connection with the growing tensions in Ukraine, NUKIB previously published two sets of recommendations for the security of domestic systems, on 17 January and 28 January. The new warning follows these recommendations.

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