Sono Centrum To Host Benefit Concert For People With Leprosy On 3 April

On 3 April, to support people who are suffering from leprosy, Brno’s Sono Centrum will welcome the vocal ensemble First Smile, with all profits to go to the non-profit organization Debra ČR. Photo credit: First Smile

Brno, March 27 (BD) – On 3 April, Brno Sono Centrum music hall will host a concert in support of people who are struggling with leprosy. An all-singing, all-dancing show will take place, under the direction of the Brno-based vocal ensemble First Smile, with all the proceeds going to the non-profit organisation Debra ČR.

“The audience can look forward to professional singing performances accompanied by a live band. Modern well-known songs will be performed, but rewritten for the choir. The entire musical production is set to the story of a man who suddenly falls ill and is helped by his loved ones on the road to recovery. In addition to 20 of our choral singers, external dance groups and soloists will also perform,” said Marek Šoška, the producer of the event.

The artists have been inspired by those living with a serious illness, and to bring another dimension to their performance, they decided to use the event to support the charity organization Debra ČR, which helps people suffering from leprosy. “Debra CR supports patients and their families from birth throughout their lives. It finds and offers suggestions to solve difficult life situations,” explained the director of Debra ČR, Pavel Melichárek, adding: “We are very happy that young musicians want to help us. We will use the funds for medical supplies, special nutrition and aids that our patients cannot do without.”

This Brno-based organization, now in operation for 18 years, offers help to the approximately 350 people in the Czech Republic who suffer from leprosy. Photo credit: Debra ČR.

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