Offers Online Materials For Working With Ukrainian Refugee Children

The portal, run by the Moravian Library in cooperation with the Prague and Blansko City Libraries, has created the Libraries for Ukraine website at, which provides librarians as well as teachers with materials for working with Ukrainian refugee children. The administrators of the site also welcome further advice on resources from the public. Photo credit: Freepik

Czech Republic, March 10 (BD) – An important mission of libraries is to collect, describe and organize materials in a clear way, while offering them to anyone who needs them. is a portal to search everything in Czech libraries, and also a place to find resources from the online world related to different fields. When the libraries first closed, they prepared a catalogue of available online resources and a regularly updated catalogue for quick orientation in children’s books. has now decided to react to the situation in Europe related to the influx of refugees from Ukraine.

In addition to warmth, quiet, and internet access, the libraries offer many other cultural, community and educational resources, which are sure to increase as more people from Ukraine settle in the Czech Republic. There is not much material in Ukrainian that could be used for these activities in physical form in Czech libraries and it is now very difficult to buy them.

For this reason, the thematic project “Libraries for Ukraine” has been created, as a source of freely available and usable online materials, especially for children. Links to online fairy tales, games, quizzes, coloring pages or Czech-language materials can be found there by librarians, teachers or people from non-profit organizations involved in leisure activities.

The offer will be expanded according to public feedback. The editorial staff is currently discussing specific forms of cooperation with the city library of Lviv.

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