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Household Income In Czech Republic Increased by almost 5% Year-on-Year in 2020

According to the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO), the average net income per person in Czech households in 2020 was CZK 220,100, an increase of CZK 10,352 from 2019. The monthly average net income per person was CZK 18,342 crowns. Adjusted for inflation, this represents a real increase in revenue of 1.7%. Credit: Freepik

Czech Republic, Jan 25 (BD) – “Household income did not grow evenly in 2020. Households with seniors over 65 grew the fastest. On the other hand, single parent households with children had the lowest income,” said Jiří Pekárek from the CZSO Household Survey Department.

The threshold for the income poverty rate indicator has also risen. It differs according to different types of households. For individuals it is set at CZK 14,055, and for parents with two small children it is CZK 29,515 per household per month. The percentage of citizens below the poverty rate has fallen from 9.5% to 8.6%.

Average growth of households in net income per capita from 2011 to  2020. Credit: CZSO. 

The living conditions survey is carried out annually. This year, it will be conducted in the period from January 29th to June 12th, and interviewers will visit almost 11,500 households throughout the country.

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