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In Brief: First New South Moravian Citizen of 2022 Was Born In Brno

Five minutes after midnight, the arrival of the first South Moravian baby of 2022 was heard in the Maternity Hospital of Brno University Hospital at Obilní trh. The boy, named Vojtíšek, weighed 3,460 grams. Credit: Freepik

Brno, Jan 03 (BD) –  And what did the start of 2022 look like at other maternity wards in the South Moravian region?

– little girl Viktorie, 1.1.2022, 00:32, Ivančice hospital (first child of the Brno-venkov district)

– little girl Klára, 1.1.2022, 4:28, Břeclav hospital (first child of the district Břeclav)

– boy Jaromír, 1.1.2022, 8:58, Vyškov Hospital (first child of the Vyškov district)

– baby boy Tomáš, 1.1.2022, 12:19, Znojmo hospital (first child of Znojmo district)

– little girl Markéta, 2.1.2022, 00:06, Kyjov hospital (first child of Hodonín district)

– little girl Barbora, 2.1.2022, 8:26, Boskovice hospital (first child of Blansko district)

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