“The Colours Of Us” Exhibition Brings Together Female Artists In Brno

The “Colors of Us” exhibition will be put on in Brno by the global art collective, Art Mums United. 

Brno, Dec 22 (BD) – On February 1st, 2022, an exhibition and networking event will be held in Brno by Art Mums United. They are an inclusive international organisation who help provide a platform for women around the world to have their art displayed, to network and to help provide a safe place for expression. They do this through online exhibitions of their artists’ submissions as well as events around the world. 

Their upcoming event will be held in Brno where submissions from the public will be displayed at the exhibition. It will also be a networking event for artists to meet, mingle and discover opportunities. The submission deadline for the event is December 31st, and the submission form can be found here as well as their website here

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