25 Young Scholars To Receive CZK 7.5 Million From City of Brno For Promising PhD Research

The Brno Ph.D. Talent competition, in its 11th year this year, provides funding for promising young scientists at the beginning of their careers. A commission of renowned scientists chose the 25 winners, who will share CZK 7.5 million in academic grants. Credit: JCMM, zspo

Brno, Dec 21 (BD) – Brno Ph.D. Talent is an annual academic prize that aims to support the most promising scientists of tomorrow. This year, the expert jury evaluated 145 nominated research projects from first-year doctoral students at Brno universities, selecting 25 winners with the greatest potential to change the development of science and technology. The winners come from the Czech Republic and abroad, and each will receive a scholarship from the City of Brno for three years of their research, totalling CZK 300,000.

“Supporting local scientific talent fits into our broader support for the development of the local innovation ecosystem,” said the Deputy Mayor of Brno, Tomáš Koláčný (Piráti). “As a city, we strive to offer the best conditions for the arrival and retention of young talent at local universities and research institutions. We have been developing Brno in this way for a long time as a recognized center of science, research and innovation.” 

“The aim of the scholarships is primarily to motivate students of doctoral study programs with excellent results in the field of science and research. The competition brings the potential to attract them to Brno, where many stay and develop their scientific work thanks to better financial conditions,” explains Miloš Šifalda, Director of the South Moravian Centre for International Mobility (JCMM), which implemented the contest.

The subsidy is provided by the City of Brno, as part of the Regional Innovation Strategy. The competition is conducted in English.

The complete list of new scholarship holders can be found here .

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