In Brief: Closure of Brno-Blansko Railway Line

From December 12th, the regional council will provide alternative means of transport for moving between the two cities. Credit: JMK.

Brno, Nov 29 (BD) – On Thursday, November 25th, the South Moravian regional council ordered the closure of the railway line connecting Brno and Blansko. From December 12th, the railway line will be closed for one year, and the trains connecting the two cities will be replaced by alternative means of transport.

Jiří Crha, South Moravian regional councillor for transport, acknowledged the inconvenience caused to residents of the region. “We have therefore tried to keep the impact on passengers as small as possible,” he said.

“In preparing lines and schedules, our main goal was to compensate passengers for longer travel times by making connections more frequent and reducing the number of transfers or walking distance.” said Jiří Horský, Director of KORDIS JMK, which provides public transport in the region.

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