Winter Road Maintenance Starts In South Moravia

Expansive road maintenance is underway by the South Moravian Road Management and Maintenance Agency (SÚS – JMK) during this winter period. Credit: JMK.

South Moravia, Nov 25 (BD) – The winter road maintenance will take place from November 1st until March 31st next year, ensuring that cars and other forms of transport will be able to commute during this winter period, especially in light of the winter snow which began today. The maintenance will cover a total of 3,869 km over the South Moravian region, including 422 km of roads in Brno. 

All the roads will have a certain deadline by which the maintenance should be finished for that day. For motorways the roads should be passable within two hours, whereas, other roads will be passable after between 3 and 12 hours, depending on how busy the roads are.

The South Moravian Road Management and Maintenance Agency (SÚS-JMK) will use chemical defrosting agents as well as roughening materials to maintain the roads. These materials include sanding salt, which is in plentiful supply: “As part of the pre-year supply, SÚS was supplemented with sanding salt warehouses with a supply of 19,000 tons and the capacity of internal sanding materials, ie. sand and gravel, to the level of about 24,500 tons. If necessary, sanding materials will be supplemented during the winter period,” said Jiří Crha, South Moravian Regional Councillor for Transport . 

There have also been no changes to the roads that will be maintained during this period in comparison to the last winter period.

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