Time Out Magazine Names Prague 7th Best City In The World

Time Out magazine quizzed 27,000 residents on life in cities around the world, spanning food and culture, community projects, green space, and sustainability. The magazine used these answers to draw up a list of their 37 “Best Cities in the World” for 2021, and the Czech capital of Prague came in at #7 on the list. Photo Credit: KK / BD.

Czech Rep., Sep 10 (BD) – Global lifestyle and culture magazine Time Out has published a ranking of the 37 “Best Cities in the World” to live in, based on a survey of 27,000 residents in cities worldwide. They collected answers on food and culture, community projects, green space, and sustainability, focusing on changing concepts of urbanism in a world marked by the coronavirus pandemic. According to the magazine’s ranking, Prague is the 7th best city for living in 2021. 

Explaining their ranking, the magazine praised Prague’s indisputable beauty, all the more enhanced in the current time by the opportunity to experience the city’s sights without the normal crowds of tourists. Prague’s walkability was also mentioned as an advantage, with 89% of respondents living in Prague saying it was easier to get around the city without a car. Other plus points were the rich amount of green space in districts such as Prague 6, and the possibilities for relaxation in the city.

The six cities placed above Prague in the ranking were split equally between Europe and North America. San Francisco topped the poll, followed by Amsterdam in second, then Manchester, Copenhagen, New York, and Montreal. The only other Central European city in the ranking was Budapest (#29).

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