Mendel University Launches Three New Editions of Wines

Mendel University has launched three new editions of wines: the Student Edition, the Doctor Edition, and the Professor Edition. Each edition has its own different bottle, and labels which reflect the process of production and quality, making selection easy for customers. Photo Credit: Mendel University in Brno.

Brno, June 27 (BD) – Mendel University, the only university in the Czech Republic where it is possible to study viticulture, has launched three new editions of its wines from its production in Lednice: the Student Edition, the Doctor Edition, and the Professor Edition. The design of bottles and labels will reflect the production process and unique quality of each edition, making it easier for customers to choose to their taste. 

“Our new edition is not just a classification of wines, making it easier and faster for consumers to choose. It also enables an imaginary journey through the world of wine and at the same time to deeper knowledge, to which we cordially invite all its fans,” said Radim Holešinský from the Department of Viticulture and Enology at Mendel University’s Faculty of Horticulture.

Taking into account that it is the students who create the face of the university and represent it most in the eyes of the public, the Student Edition will serve as the basic edition among the three editions. These are lighter, aromatic, and fresh wines that are made by third-year students from varieties of the Moravian Muscat, Traminer, Pálava, Riesling, Laurot Rosé, Hibernal, and Malvina grapes. The Student Edition will have classic bottles with a screw cap and a price of CZK 160 each. 

The Doctor Edition, made by postgraduate students, reflects deep research and professionalism, making it superior to the Student Edition. They are formed by longer maturation in oak barrels, the whole process of which takes nine to twelve months. The varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Frankovka, Pinot Noir, or Veltlin Green are used for the preparation of Doctor wines. One bottle will sell for CZK 260, and will be presented in a classic wine bottle with a cork stopper. 

The Professor Edition is the highest quality of wine selected from the best Doctoral wines, and supervised directly by the lecturers. The supreme quality of grapes Chardonnay, Cerason, Riesling, or orange grapes from Kvevri are used for the production and the process takes longer than Doctor Edition. This wine will be the most expensive at CZK 400 per bottle.

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