Further Relaxation of Safety Measures Apply From Today

The government has removed the requirement to wear facemasks in schools in all regions from today. It will also be possible to perform live music from July 1st, and up to 5,000 people will be able to participate in outdoor cultural, sporting or educational events and conferences, or up to 2,000 indoors. Swimming pools and wellness facilities can now accept guests up to 75% of the total capacity. Photo Credit: Vlada.cz (Cropped).

Czech Rep., June 15 (BD) – At a meeting yesterday, the government discussed changes in safety measures and removed the requirement to wear facemasks during lessons, in the South Bohemian, Liberec, and Zlín regions from today, June 15th. However, facemasks will still be mandatory in common areas of schools throughout the country. The loosening of the rules also applies to workplaces when only staff are present.

“The epidemic situation in all regions has improved in the last week. Therefore, based on the recommendations of hygienists, we decided to abolish the requirement to wear facemasks in classrooms and at work in those regions where we have kept them so far,” explained Health Minister Adam Vojtěch.

The rules about isolation and quarantine have also been adjusted. Exemptions now include holders of vaccination certificates issued by EU countries and other countries with a low risk of infection, as well as people who have undergone the first dose of vaccination, and those who have been completely vaccinated at least 14 days earlier. 

“More than 2 million people have already completed the vaccination, and over 4 million people have already received the first dose. It is the only way to effectively deal with the pandemic. The sooner we are all vaccinated, the sooner we will return to normal life without restrictions,” said Vojtěch.

From July 1st, anti-epidemic measures will be loosened further as the maximum capacity of cultural, sporting, and educational events will increase to 2,000 people indoors, and 5,000 outdoors. It will also be possible to perform live music in clubs and catering establishments. Swimming pools and wellness facilities will be allowed to open up to 75% of the total capacity. Facilities providing body-care services will no longer be limited to only one customer at a time and will not have to register clients.

However, the obligation to present evidence of vaccination, a valid negative test, or prior illness in the last 180 days, continues to apply for services, and for cultural, sporting, and other mass events. For children’s camps, participants are no longer required to repeat the test after seven days, but they must all show a negative PCR test before arrival. 

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