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Vaccines For Non-EU Foreign Residents Available From June

At the beginning of June, the vaccine registration system will finally open to foreigners without public insurance. The maximum price per dose is yet to be clarified, but it should not exceed CZK 1,000. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrative Photo.

Czech Rep., June 2 (BD) – Currently, only those who have public health insurance in the Czech Republic can be vaccinated. At the beginning of June, at least one site in each region will be designated to enable vaccination for foreigners who have been living in the Czech Republic, as announced by Jana Schillerová, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health, and reported by Czech news server In Prague, where the concentration of these people is greatest, there should be more than one site.

Foreign nationals must be either permanent residents or employees (or their family members). The exact number of foreigners living in the Czech Republic is not known. According to data from the Ministry of the Interior from the end of April, over 656,000 foreigners lived in the Czech Republic, more than half of them temporarily. 

However, the number also includes citizens of the EU and other countries who may have public insurance. A large group are workers from Ukraine, with which the Czech Republic does not have an international insurance agreement. At the end of April, the Labor Office registered 186,000 employees from Ukraine, tens of thousands of them living in the Czech Republic temporarily.

Although changes to the registration system should take place in the coming days, representatives of insurance companies still do not have the details. In particular, the maximum price per dose must be clarified, but it should not exceed CZK 1,000. However, insurance companies are willing to accommodate foreigners with commercial insurance.

“Insurance companies are ready to pay for both the vaccine itself and the performance of vaccinations”, said Veronika Nová, a spokeswoman for the Czech Insurance Association, quoted in Czech news outlet Právo.

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