Reminder: Census 2021 is Here, and Foreigners Are Included Too!

The Czech Census 2021 will start on March 27th, carried out primarily online. The electronic census form can be filled out until April 9th. After that, you will have to fill in the paper form, between April 17th and May 11th. All foreigners in the Czech Republic at midnight from Friday March 26th-27th must also complete the census, except diplomats and those staying in the country for less than 90 days. Graphic Credit:

Czech Rep., Mar 26 (BD) – The Population and Housing Census is carried out once every 10 years in the Czech Republic, like most of the countries in the world. The previous Census took place in 2011, so it’s now time to find out how Czechia has changed over the last decade. 

Who has to get counted?

As well as Czech citizens, foreign nationals are also obliged to be included in the census, if they are in the country over midnight from March 26th-27th. The only exceptions are those staying less than 90 days or diplomats.

Online Census 

The simplest and safest way to get counted is to use the online census form. You can find it on the website, or on the application “Sčítání21” (“Census21”), available on Google Play or the AppStore. This form can be completed from March 27th to April 9th 2021, on a computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone. You can log in to the electronic form using your identity card, or any other valid ID document issued to foreigners in the Czech Republic, including: 

  • long-term visa
  • long-term residence permit 
  • permanent residence permit 
  • residence card of a family member of an EU national 
  • residence permit card (booklet) for foreigners. 

A data box or electronic identity can also be used to submit the form.

The electronic form should be filled in for the whole household. This means that one person can fill in the census form for everyone in the household. If you are a foreign national and you don’t have an ID document issued by the Czech Republic, it is possible for someone you live with to fill in the form on your behalf. Otherwise, you will have to fill in the paper form. 

Besides Czech, the electronic census form is available in seven other languages: English, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and Roma. You can easily switch from one language to another while filling in the electronic form, which will take about 15 minutes. 

Paper Census

If you do not or cannot fill in the electronic form, you must fill in the paper census form, to be distributed by census officers from April 17th. It is necessary to mark your doorbell or mailbox with the number of your flat. You can also pick up the paper census form at contact points located at Regional Offices of the Czech Statistical Office and selected branches of the Czech Post Office, listed on the website. Paper census forms are only available in Czech, but you can ask the census officers and staff at contact points for printed translations, which will help you fill in the original census form in Czech. 

Completed forms should then be sent by mail in an envelope that you will receive together with the paper census form. Postage is free.

Do you have questions? 

For all information about the upcoming Census, see the website If something is unclear, call the Census Contact Centre on: 253 253 683 or 840 30 40 50. Staff at the Contact Centre can also provide information in English or Russian. 

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