Police Discover Over 30 Restaurants Open Around Czech Republic

Czech Police found over 30 restaurants open across the country over the weekend, in protest at the government’s measures against COVID-19. The restaurant owners’ political initiative Chcípl PES is calling for restaurants to be used as political discussion hubs, as political negotiations are exempt from anti-epidemic regulations. Photo credit: KB / BD.

Czech Rep., Jan 26 (BD) – Over the last weekend, Czech Police recorded more than 30 open restaurants in Prague, Brno, Olomouc, Jihlava, Ústí nad Labem and many other cities and smaller towns, as well as some accommodation facilities in the mountains. Several dozen customers were present in each restaurant on Saturday.

On Sunday, Czech Police wrote on Twitter that: “Police officers inspected dozens of accommodation facilities in mountain areas, and dealt with over 30 such cases throughout the country. All violations were reported to the administrative authorities for inspection.”

The restaurant owners opened their doors this weekend to protest the government regulations. Last week, they announced their intention to act together around the country as part of the Chcípl PES political initiative. Representatives of the initiative suggested that restaurants could become hubs to discuss politics, meaning they could open legally, as political negotiations are exempt from government anti-epidemic regulations.

In Brno, the Čtyři růže pub was open, along with 25 other businesses in South Moravia inspected by police. “We found four violations. Two were in the Vyškov region, one in the Brno region and one in the Břeclav region,” said police spokesman Petr Vala, without giving further details. The police investigations will continue, according to České Noviny

Restaurants are currently allowed to sell take-away food and drinks through windows, but the gastronomic industry in the Czech Republic is still losing approximately CZK 414 million in sales every day due to the closure.

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