Excess Mortality Rate in the Czech Republic Peaked at 53% in October

Recent data from Eurostat revealed the excess mortality rate in Europe this year, i.e. the increase in deaths compared to the baseline. On average, the peak in deaths across Europe was in March and April near the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. In April, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands saw the highest increases in excess mortality. Title Image: Excess mortality – monthly data, April 2020. Source: Eurostat.

Czech Rep., Dec 16 (BD) – Eurostat has published data on the excess mortality rate across Europe between January and October 2020. The excess mortality rate reveals the percentage of deaths recorded in each country compared to the baseline average. 

The excess mortality rate was negative in January and February. In March, the number of deaths increased rapidly in some European countries, significantly exceeding the average mortality rate in Europe from 2016 to 2019. Excess mortality rates peaked during the onset of coronavirus between March and April, with an increase of 24.9 % in April compared to the baseline average for the same month in the previous three years. 

Table: Excess mortality indicator. Source: Eurostat.

During the peak in April, three European countries exceeded 50% excess mortality: Spain (+78.9%), Belgium (+72.8%) and the Netherlands (+53.6 %). Countries to exceed 35% increase included France (+36.4%), Italy (+40.9%), and Sweden (+38.4%). However, Italy’s rate had already peaked in March (+48.9 %). 

European countries experienced varying intensity excess mortality rates, and several countries saw a spike in other months. On average, there was a relatively stable period in Europe during May, June and July, until a new upward trend began in August. 

Table: Excess mortality indicator. Source: Eurostat.

Excess mortality increased exceptionally in October in the Czech Republic (+53.1%) and Poland (+45.0%). While outbreaks of coronavirus have coincided with a substantial increase in deaths in each country, the excess mortality indicator does not discern the cause of death.

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