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Which Country In Europe Offers The Cheapest International Schools?

New research has revealed which countries in Europe have the cheapest and most expensive international schools in 2020. Copenhagen ranked as the most affordable city to receive an international education, while Zurich ranked as the most expensive. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes. 

Czech Rep., Nov 24 (BD) – The latest research by the International Schools Database has shown the cost of international education in Europe and worldwide in 2020. The information aims to provide local and expat parents with information to help them decide which schools to send their children to.  

The research found that Europe has the widest range of international school fees in the world. The cheapest country for international schools in Europe is Spain, while Switzerland is the most expensive. 

Prague was ranked the 9th cheapest of 29 cities in 19 European countries which were included in the report, with fees below the EU average. In a comparison of the prices of international schools in 73 global cities, there were European cities ranked among both the cheapest and most expensive cities in the world. 

Prices of International Schools in Europe per year. Credit: International Schools Database.

The cheapest city in Europe for international schools is Copenhagen, which is the second cheapest in the world behind Cape Town. Both public and private schools are heavily subsidised in Denmark, this explains why education is so affordable in a country known for its high cost of living. Six of the cities in Europe with the cheapest international schools are in Spain: Valencia, Malaga, Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona, and Mallorca. 

The three most expensive cities in Europe were Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva, all located in Switzerland. The fourth most expensive city was London, which has a population of 9 million, compared to less than 200,000 in Lausanne and Geneva. Major capitals London and Paris showed the widest range in fees, with up to $34k per year difference between the cheapest and most expensive international schools. 

A stark difference can be seen between international school fees in Western/Central Europe and Eastern/Southern Europe. Of the top ten most expensive cities in Europe, seven of them are in Western and Central Europe, while in the top ten cheapest cities, seven are in Eastern and Southern Europe. 

On a global scale, New York, Beijing and Shanghai were the cities with the most expensive international education, all cities well-known for their high cost of living. Internationally, the four most expensive countries for international schools were the USA, China, Switzerland and South Korea.

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