Thief Drives Away with Courier Car Full of Packages

Just a brief moment on the afternoon of October 19th was enough for an unknown perpetrator to steal a courier vehicle. “The courier left it unlocked and with the engine on on Gorkého in Brno, while handing over the shipment to the customer,” said David Chaloupka, Brno Police spokesman. Photo: Stolen vehicle found near Bílovice nad Svitavou. Credit:

Brno, Nov 4 (BD) – The thief enjoyed the ride for more than an hour. The abandoned car was found by police with a broken steering wheel in the mud on a forest road, in a valley near Bílovice nad Svitavou. Some items were stolen from the car. The damage will probably exceed CZK 30,000.

There was a similar case on October 16th on Pekařská in Brno. Here, too, the perpetrator took the opportunity to seize a car with the engine running, driving in the direction of Mendlovo Náměstí before stopping at a red traffic light. As a result, the courier managed to catch up with his car and attempted to enter through the passenger door. “However, despite the red light, the thief sped off at the traffic light with the stolen car and the courier fell out of the open door at the intersection. He was slightly injured. The vehicle was later found abandoned in Brno-Pisárky,” said Chaloupka. 

According to Chaloupka, the perpetrator stole cash from the car and several packages, with damage exceeding CZK 16,000.

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