Major Renovation Planned For Boathouse on Svratka River

The boathouse on Veslařská in Jundrov is in a state of disrepair. TJ Lodni sporty Brno has presented a plan for its renovation, which aims to improve the conditions and overall experience for canoeists training on the Svratka river. Visualisation: Shipyard area from a bird’s eye view. Credit: BERNarch.

Brno, Oct 14 (BD) – A renovation plan has been published for the historic boathouse on Veslařská in Jundrov. The main part of the 19th century building burnt down in 1969, and a new boathouse was built in its place, but although it was intended to be temporary, it is still in use today. Members of TJ Lodni sporty Brno have put forward a project to renovate the boathouse so that it can function better as a facility for canoeists to train. 

Visualisation: Shipyard pier view. Image credit: BERNarch.

“The boathouse’s operating building is already in a very bad condition, it is leaking under the roof and there is a risk of the ceilings collapsing. It needs to be completely rebuilt. We want to build a modern speed canoeing complex in Brno, where, in addition to children training in speed canoeing and elite sports, seniors can also train on dragon boats, for example,” explained  Zdeněk Janeček, chairman of the canoeing club TJ Lodní sporty Brno.

The first stage of development involves repairing the boathouse roof and the main operating building. The first floor of the building will have a gym and a room for paddling machines and wellness. The second floor will house a locker room and the club office.

Visualisation: Shipyard square. Image credit: BERNarch.

The second stage plans to transform the river bank by building a new wooden pier and an area with benches that cascade down to the water’s edge. This area will also include a parking lot and a multi-purpose playground.

Visualisation: Shipyard seating by the river warehouse for boats and living space. Image credit: BERNarch.

The club currently trains around 20 children and young athletes, who brought home seven medals from the Czech Championships last year. Other associations also train at this location, and it often hosts suburban camps and public sports events.

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