Regional Assembly Approves Purchase of 3,000 Covid-19 Rapid Tests For South Moravia

The South Moravian Regional Assembly has approved the purchase of 3,000 Covid-19 rapid tests for social services in the region, at an estimated cost of approximately CZK 1.1 million. Photo credit: MMB archive. 

Czech Rep., Oct 13 (BD) – On Monday, October 12th, in response to the current epidemiological situation, the Regional Assembly of South Moravia moved forward with a plan to purchase 3,000 rapid tests for Covid-19. The tests will be used by social services in the region. 

Marek Šlapal, a member of the Social Affairs Council, explained “This stockpile of tests will be in preparation for the developing crisis situation in social services and its rapid solution. Due to its speed and convenience, the test can serve as a diagnostic test in the event that there is no PCR testing available. The rapid test can be used as the first stage of tests, with results available within 15 minutes.”

It is estimated that the region will have approximately CZK 1.1 million worth of rapid tests in stock in case of emergency.

Rapid tests have previously been purchased for use in Brno’s elderly homes. (Read more in our previous article: All Elderly Homes in Brno To Receive Rapid Tests For Coronavirus). 

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