Two New Streets and a Square to be Added to the Map of Brno

Brno City council has announced two new streets in Zebetin and Lisen, as well as the new square in front of the future Janáček Cultural Center. The names proposed for the new streets by the local district councils have to be approved by the City Council in June. Visualisation of Janáček Cultural Center: Petr Hrusa via MMB.

Brno, May 29 (BD) – As Brno is growing, new buildings are being added, and the city centre is changing continuously. A new square will be created next to the future Janáček Cultural Center, named after the Brno native Ludvik Kundera.

“I am pleased that we can pay tribute to another Brno native, the important pianist and musicologist Ludvik Kundera, the first rector of the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts,” said the Mayor of Brno, Marketa Vankova.

As a result of planned construction, a new street will be created in the Brno-Zebetin district, from Hostislavova towards the Vrbovec stream between the Kamechy and Pekarna neighbourhoods. The Zebetin district council has proposed the name Ke Stredisku, a reference to the abolished agricultural cooperative.

Houbarska in Lisen will be extended with the planned construction of new family houses and related buildings. The city district has proposed to keep the name, so the entire street, including the extension, will be called Houbarska.

All names have yet to be approved by the Brno City Council in June.

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