In Photos: Visualisations of the New Tesco Complex near Hlavni Nadrazi

The Tesco department store building next to the main railway station was sold to the British chain developer Crestyl in 2017. In December 2019, Crestyl revealed a possible future look for the site. Photo: MTDI Group / Crestyl.

Brno, Jan 22 (BD) – The building, known in Brno as “Old Tesco” or “Prior”, was built in the 1980’s next to the main railway station. Tesco previously had plans to rebuild and expand it, which never materialised.

The current “Tesco” building. Photo: KK / Brno Daily.

The area around the department store is known as one of the ugliest parts of the city.

Plan of the new complex, including the position of the planned new Brno railway station to the South. Credit: MTDI Group.

After the demolition of the old building, six new smaller buildings are planned for the site, which between them will house office space, residential properties, hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Credit: MTDI Group.

“Our goal is to improve the overall environment of the department store, attract other tenants and revitalize it by opening new businesses,” said Omar Koleilat, CEO of Crestyl.

Visualisation of the new complex, view at Dornych. Credit: MTDI Group.

The first visualizations of the new building and surrounding area were revealed late last year by MTDI Group, an international group of architectural companies, under the name “New Town Square”.

Credit: MTDI Group.

According to some sources, the project should be completed within the next five years, but the time frame has not yet been officially announced.

Credit: MTDI Group.

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