What’s Up Brno? – Events in Brno, Week n°37

Welcome to “What’s Up Brno?” – published every Sunday, a weekly overview of events happening all over the city for the coming week! We only list English-friendly events, unless otherwise mentioned in the event description. Image: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Sep 8 (BD) – September is back for good, which means that the weather will slowly get cooler and rainier, but that’s okay. Do you know why? Because this coming week is full of entertaining events. Sporting events, a stand-up comedy night, a theater play with English subtitles, friendly meetups and many more, all happening in Brno.

If you have children, then the European Kids Athletics Games is perfect for you. Starting on Monday 9th until Wednesday 11th, over 1500 young participants will compete in the biggest international competition in Europe and will try to break new records. You can find more information on the competition website.

On Tuesday, go for an afternoon walk and buy all sorts of stuff in Brno’s flea market in the Townhall Courtyard, “Venkovní Hadrárna vol.75”. You can find more information (in Czech) on the Facebook event page.

When was the last time there was an English stand-up comedy in Brno? If you’re a fan of stand ups, pay a visit at Brno English Comedy Night with Reginald Bärris at Naproti on Tuesday. Reginald Bärris is an up-and running comedian in Austria and in Continental Europe, and his punchlines about religion, patriotism and his own personal flaws will make you roll on the floor laughing. You can find more information on the Facebook event page.

Are you a specialist on Software as a Service? Then on Wednesday, the “SaaS Movement” conference is definitely worth participating in. SaaS Movement is a conference where experts share their knowledge. For more information, check the event website here.

On Thursday, there is an opportunity for newbies of Brno to join the September MeetUp by Foreigners in Brno to make new friends and network. Foreigners who have lived here for a while are cordially invited, too!

And yes, the weekend is coming. Those who enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle are invited to join a fun run experience at the Zoo Brno called iSport LIFE Columbia závod. This event presents a  rare opportunity for everyone from any age group to participate in the race, as long as they are above 15 years old. You don’t have to pay to enter the race, but there is a contest fee based on a particular age category. Check the details here (in Czech). 

Sunday might be an ideal time for shopping for used clothing, old books, and housing necessities at the Flea Market in Alfa Passage. The entrance fee is free from Saturday to Sunday, you can find more information on the Facebook event page (in Czech). It is also a wonderful idea for sellers who are planning to exhibit their own used goods for sale. If you want to be a seller, you have to fill out a form (in Czech) before the showcase.

If you are passionate about theatre, do not miss a theatrical performance “Vitka” at Brno’s Divadlo Husa Na Provázku (theater “Goose on a String”), on Sunday, September 15. If you do not speak Czech, don’t worry, because there will be English subtitles. The play, written by Brno’s contemporary popular author Kateřina Tučková, presents the story of a free-minded, unbridled and talented composer Vítězslava Kaprálová. For more information and tickets, visit the theatre’s website (in Czech) here.

Photo: Vitka. Credit: Jakub Jíra / Husa na Provázku.

Craving some chocolate but Valentine’s day is still too far away? On Sunday you can get some nice sweets at the Sweet Dream Fest 2019. Muffins, cakes, puddings, waffles, chocolate truffles and more are waiting for you in náměstí Svobody from 10 am to 8 pm. You can find more information on the Facebook event page (in Czech). 

If you can’t make it to the iSport LIFE Columbia závod fun run, no worries, there is another race event called Brněnský masakr 2019 which will test how fit you are. There are two main races: 62 km and 30 km consecutively begins at 7am and 10 am. You will find information about this event, which is happening for the 7th time in Brno, and tickets right here (in Czech).

Prepared by Tien Dong, Thanasis Papadopoulos and Manuele Siciliano.

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