Public Buses with Bike Racks to be Available Again

The Brno Transport Company (DPMB) will return the possibility to transport bikes on public buses this weekend. Photo: DPMB.

Brno, Mar 29 (BD) – This Saturday, March 30, DPMB will be putting buses with bike racks into circulation for the bus lines 55 and 57.

The buses, which can carry up to six bikes, will be available for usage until the end of October. The bus line 55 will have buses with bike racks between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, while the buses on line 57 will only have bike racks on weekends and public holidays.

However, it is only possible to load and unload the bikes onto the racks at bus stops marked with a bicycle symbol, and if the bus has racks.

The designated bus stops have been chosen depending on the ability to safely load bicycles onto the racks. The bus stops are Židenice, Hlavní nádraží, Špačkova, Zetor, Novolíšeňská, Jírova, Mariánské údolí, and Lazaretní.

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