Passengers Evading Fares on Public Transport Decreasing in Number

The Brno City Transport Company released this year’s annual statistics on the number of fare-dodging passengers, which have lessened compared to last year. Photo credit: KK.

Brno, Feb 27 (BD) – Last year, the inspectors of the Brno City Transport Company (DPMB) checked a total of 131,110 vehicles. DPMB revealed that there were nearly 60,000 passengers who traveled without a valid ticket.

“The number of debtors declines slightly from year to year, which is positive. This drop is also due to conditional amnesties, which means that a lot of people will purchase a prepaid ticket instead of paying a fine and will not repeat the misdemeanor, ” Miloš Havránek, the General Manager of DPMB, said.

DPMB received a total of CZK 26.3 million as payment for fines throughout the year of 2018. There was a decrease in numbers of fare-dodgers in the category of students, but an increase in the category of people aged over 40.

DPMB Reports Less Damages in 2018

Vandals caused damage to Brno City Transport Company worth nearly CZK 3.5 million last year. Compared to 2017, this is a decrease of CZK 700,000. The most common target for vandals are the trams, buses and the public transport stops: they destroy seats, windows and bodywork on vehicles, and timetable boards.

“The transport company continues to take action to prevent vandalism,” said DPMB spokeswoman Hana Tomaštíková. In addition to sticking a protective film to glass and introducing a camera system, DPMB launched a campaign in 2018, in which encourages the passengers not to be indifferent to vandalism, and report it to a driver or the Municipal Police.

“We thank the citizens for their potential participation. The damage caused by vandalism is still high, and it is unnecessary financial means that we could use more meaningfully,” Havránek said.

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