New Multi-purpose Sport and Cultural Centre To Be Built at Brno Exhibition Centre

On Wednesday, the city’s Steering Committee for Strategic Projects agreed on a location for a new sport and cultural centre, to be built on the grounds of Brno Exhibition Centre. Visualization: Design of the new centre by A PLUS. // Source: MMB.

Brno, Feb 24 (BD) – As well as deciding on the location for the new centre, which will be situated at the western end of the complex near Pavilion Z, the committee also agreed to set up a working group to oversee the project, headed by Luděk Borský, Director General of Brno Communications.

Photo: Pavilion Z. Credit: Casadei Graphics.

Welcoming the decision, Brno Mayor Marketa Vanková said: “I am very glad that we managed to agree a location on the grounds of the Brno Exhibition Center, which is situated near the city center, has good transport links, and allows us to solve the parking problems in the area. The project now has its own team, which will be devoted to the successful implementation of the vision.”

The new centre will be used by Kometa Brno Hockey Club, as well as for a wide range of other sporting, cultural, and social events.

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